Vision and Mission


We envision a globally competitive DASURECO that is responsive and dynamic, managed by highly engaged employees, serving empowered and satisfied member-consumer-owners.

To pro­vide qual­ity and reli­able elec­tric ser­vice com­pli­ant to the industry-​accepted stan­dards;

To lead in part­ner­ship with the gov­ern­ment in pro­mot­ing progress and in sus­tain­ing devel­op­ment in our cov­er­age areas; and

To stew­ard the wel­fare of our mem­bers through value-​added ser­vices that help improve their qual­ity of life.


Corporate Values

Indus­try | Integrity | Account­abil­ity | Com­mit­ment | Excel­lence | Solidarity