DASURECO ramps up



DASURECO continues its massive line clearing activities through the joint effort of the Technical Services Department (TSD) and Area Services Department (ASD) to prevent power outages and improve power reliability in our distribution service.


DASURECO targets to clear 4,350 kilometers of line for the year 2024, prioritizing vegetated areas and those affected by growing trees. This initiative is also in line with Republic Act 11361 or otherwise known as the “Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act”, which ensures that conveyance of electricity through power distribution systems, such as in DASURECO, will be uninterrupted.


On the other hand, DASURECO reminds its consumers to seek assistance or wear personal protective equipment when trimming or cutting tall growing trees near our power distribution line to prevent danger or loss of life.   


Other than planting of tall growing plants, it is prohibited by the law to conduct or perform any hazardous activities within the power line corridor; construct or erect any hazardous improvements within the power line corridor; and prevent or refuse entry of any personnel from the distribution and transmission company to conduct line maintenance and operational services. Penalties of fine ranging from P50,000.00 to P2000,000.00 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 years shall be dealt with by those who violate the law.   


Thus, DASURECO urge its consumers to aid in preventing power outages by ensuring that our power distribution lines be free from any obstruction. Land owners are also reminded to abide with the law should there be trees to be cut to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted distribution of electricity and protection of our power lines in our coverage area.  

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