PRESS RELEASE 17 May 2024 Electricity consumers in Davao del Sur and Davao Occidental are advised of a slight increase in electricity rates for the month of May. In a press conference held earlier today at the DASURECO Administrator’s Mastery Academy (AMA) Hall, Officer-in-Charge/Corporate Planning Department Manager Engr. Darius D. Roldan said there will be an estimated increase of P0.1303/kWh for the month of May due to generation charges while the distribution charge remains the same since 2012. The rate increase is minimal compared to Luzon and Visayas where power rates have also gone up because of low power supply and greater demand.  He also added that there was an increase in power demand of 8.27% from March 2024 to April 2024 which prompted DASURECO to use its diesel-powered modular generator sets for a short time. “Atong April, nakita nato nga nisaka g’yud siya. Mao pud ni ang panahon nga grabe ang init. Tungod ani, nisaka atong demand” (“We observed an increase in demand in April. This coincided with the heatwave, which was the primary reason for the rise in demand”), Engr. Roldan explained. Board President Al D. Castillon assured that DASURECO will not experience shortage of power supply anytime soon. “Ang atong kooperatiba dili g’yud makasinati og power interruption gawas anang unscheduled because we have 16 megawatts reserved naa sa atong compound. That’s why during the drought season, katong naggipit ta’g kuryente, ang atong kooperatiba naka-sustain og hatag kay naa man tay sarili,” (“Our cooperative will not experience power interruptions, except for those that are unscheduled, because we have 16 megawatts reserved on our [DASURECO] compound. That’s why during the drought season, when we were tight on electricity, our cooperative was able to sustain supply because we have our own resources”), he said. It can also be recalled that

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PRESS RELEASE DASURECO continues its massive line clearing activities through the joint effort of the Technical Services Department (TSD) and Area Services Department (ASD) to prevent power outages and improve power reliability in our distribution service. DASURECO targets to clear 4,350 kilometers of line for the year 2024, prioritizing vegetated areas and those affected by growing trees. This initiative is also in line with Republic Act 11361 or otherwise known as the “Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act”, which ensures that conveyance of electricity through power distribution systems, such as in DASURECO, will be uninterrupted. On the other hand, DASURECO reminds its consumers to seek assistance or wear personal protective equipment when trimming or cutting tall growing trees near our power distribution line to prevent danger or loss of life.    Other than planting of tall growing plants, it is prohibited by the law to conduct or perform any hazardous activities within the power line corridor; construct or erect any hazardous improvements within the power line corridor; and prevent or refuse entry of any personnel from the distribution and transmission company to conduct line maintenance and operational services. Penalties of fine ranging from P50,000.00 to P2000,000.00 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 years shall be dealt with by those who violate the law.    Thus, DASURECO urge its consumers to aid in preventing power outages by ensuring that our power distribution lines be free from any obstruction. Land owners are also reminded to abide with the law should there be trees to be cut to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted distribution of electricity and protection of our power lines in our coverage area.  

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𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗦 𝗥𝗘𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗘09 March 2024 DIGOS CITY – In the spirit of cooperation, National Electrification Administration (NEA) Administrator Antonio Mariano C. Almeda encourages Electric Cooperatives to support one another for the shared goal of rural development. Such was the inspiration behind DASURECO’s generous gesture to its sister cooperative, Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LASURECO). By virtue of Board Resolution No. 327 series of 2023, DASURECO committed to donate an Electronic Accounting System to LASURECO to enhance their operational and financial efficiency. The assistance also provides for the proper training of its use along with four (4) desktop computer sets. On March 1st to 8th, 2024, eleven (11) employees of LASURECO underwent the user training, namely: Hosnia Edris, Nadjeha Hadji Aiman, Farhan Asum and Mohammad Sarangani from Finance Services Department; Kimar Andog, Aminnuddin Makunug, Mohammad Cali and Mohammad Ramos from Corporate Planning Department; Hidjarah Hilal from the Internal Audit Department; and Executive Assistant Kince Alhansah Panondiongan, from the Office of the General Manager. The training was facilitated by DASURECO’s personnel from the Corporate Planning Department – Information and Communications Technology Division. “We express our deep gratitude to DASURECO for consistently helping LASURECO in attaining its normalcy stage. The Accounting and General Ledger System will help improve and enhance our internal procedures and other activities,” said LASURECO’s General Manager Nordjiana L. Dipatuan-Ducol in statement sent via Viber. “You are part of our success story,” she added. Prior to this initiative, LASURECO relied solely on manual accounting processes which are time-consuming in nature, often taking days or even weeks to complete financial tasks. As a result, this system causes delays in financial reporting, such as the Monthly Financial and Statistical Report (MFSR), limiting their Cooperative’s capacity to properly navigate its financial situation. Despite the challenges they faced, including the 2017 Marawi Siege that

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Takbo Liwanag DASURECO Run for a Cause DIGOS CITY

DASURECO kicked off its run for a cause today with over 250 participants from the DASURECO Officers and employees together with their families and friends.  The event is a 2km run from the Diamond Multi-purpose Cooperative (DIMPCO) to the Digos City Rizal Park, thereafter joining our consumers in the Saturday dance exercise.  Dubbed as Takbo Liwanag, the run for cause aims to raise funds to assist and provide relief to communities affected by the recent catastrophic flood in Davao Region, signifying DASURECO’s efforts to provide hope and light to people in need.  The top five finishers were: Jonathan Ceniza, Mea Gey S. Ninura, Robert Sarania, Roberto J.Melanio,Jr., and Gilbert Mondido. Raffle prizes were also drawn for our Member-Consumer-Owners who participated in the dance exercise.  DASURECO’s Takbo ng Liwanag demonstrates the strength of a strong sense of solidarity and the dedication to having a good influence even in the face of adversity.

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#HandogNiEkong | DASURECO took part in the Serbisyo Caravan initiated by the alumni association of Holy Cross Academy of Digos and participated by various government agencies and other private institutions.

DASURECO accepted applications on senior citizen and lifeline rate discount, and other service requests on change of name and transfer/check of meter. Simultaneous with the serbisyo caravan was the giving of gifts to the students of Linawan Elementary School, Barangay Linawan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur. The electric cooperative provided 115 bags of school supplies and goods to the students and were even entertained with the surprise appearance of Ekong the Lineman. Bansalan District Director John Ansbert E. Granada also graced the outreach activity and accommodated concerns from our Member-Consumer-Owners. Dubbed as “Akapin ang GIDA”, this collaborative partnership with various agencies truly shed light and hope to the children of Linawan.

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Consumer Tips

Tips for Saving Electricity, Going back to the Basics of Electrical Safety,  10 Tips On How To Do Your Share In the Fight Against Global Warming

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1. When should I pay my bills?

A consumer must pay his regular monthly bill 9 days from receipt of such bill.

2 Why did you change the look of my bill?

As mandated by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), your power bill changed its looks starting In September 2004 due to the mandatory UNBUNDLING OF RATES. This called for itemizing all components of your power bill to ensure transparency of billing. This is why your bill is bigger now and you can see all the breakdown of all electricity charges.

3. Is disconnection outright if I cannot pay my bill within the said period?

No. For non-payment of electric bills, a written notice will be served to the customer stating thereby that you are given 48 hours to settle your account before disconnection.

4. Who owns the kilowatt-hour meter?

The Electric Cooperative. Base on the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers Article 8.  Exemption from Payment of Meter Deposits, all consumers shall be exempted from payment of meter deposits since private distribution utilities have incorporated the cost of these electric watt hour meters in their rate bas

5. Will I be reconnected right away?

Upon application for reconnection and payment of the full bill and the reconnection fee of PhP100.00, DASURECO will do its best to have your electric line reconnected within 24 hours from receipt of such request.

6. Are consumers required to pay for meter deposits?

No. Base on the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers Article 8.  Exemption from Payment of Meter Deposits, all consumers shall be exempted from payment of meter deposits since private distribution utilities have incorporated the cost of these electric watthour meters in their rate base.

7. Is the free 30-meter Service Drop Wire (SDW) applicable in every electric service application?

Base on the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers Article 14. Right to Extension of Lines and Facilities, a consumer located within thirty (30) meters form the distribution utilities’ existing secondary low voltage lines, has the right to an extension of lines or installation of additional facilities at the expense of the utility inasmuch as said assets will eventually form part of the rate base of the private distribution utilities, or will be sourced from the reinvestment funds of the electric cooperatives.  However, if a prospective customer is beyond the said distance, or his demand load requires that the utility extend lines and facilities, the customer may initially fund the necessary expenditures. However, in excess of the 30 meters, a consumer shall pay PhP25.00/meter at the DASURECO Office.

8. Why do we need to pay for bill deposit?

To guarantee payment of bills in case a consumer leaves the area coverage without prior notice to the Distribution Utility. The bill deposit is not a guarantee for continued service despite arrearage.

9. How many days is the standard billing cycle?

Bills shall be delivered monthly. No violation is committed by the distribution utility in reading its customers’ meters beyond the maximum allowable time (at least 28 – 31 days), provided that such inability to read on time was due to a fortuitous event and, that the meter reading is done immediately after the said fortuitous event ceases to exist.

10. At what instance is the distribution utility not allowed to disconnect?

Notwithstanding the service of notice but subject to the provisions of RA 7832, disconnections of service shall not be made on any weekday beyond three o’clock (3:00 P.M.) in the afternoon, Saturdays, Sundays and Official Holidays. Disconnections shall also not be made during the funeral wake of a permanent resident provided that s/he can present a Certified True Copy of Death Certificate and when one of the permanent occupants is dependent on life-support system requiring electricity provided that s/he can present a medical certificate (applicable for 2 months only).

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