Offi­cers and Employ­ees

New DASURECO Orga­ni­za­tional Structure



JOY T. DALEN - Exec­u­tive Assistant
SONIA D. BABA - Super­vi­sor, Qual­ity Sys­tem Man­age­ment Office
TRIX C. CAPISOS, CpE, CPEH – Chief, Infor­ma­tion & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy Division
DEN­MARK A. BONJOC - Chief, Mate­r­ial Man­age­ment Ser­vices Division
JEANETTE M. SARNO – Chief, Human Resource & Admin­is­tra­tive Division
MELIESA L. ROBANTE, MPA - Chief, Mem­ber Devel­op­ment Division
FLETCHER LOUIS F. LANTAPE - Act­ing Chief, Con­sumer Accounts Division
ZENAIDA L. BULALA - Chief, Accountant
ENGR. DAR­IUS D. ROLDAN - Chief, Sub­sta­tion & Con­trol Division
. JERRY C. DELA CRUZ – Chief, Oper­a­tion & Meter­ing Division
. MARY ANN D. PECHARDO – Chief, Engi­neer­ing & Con­struc­tion Division
ROY M. CODERA – Chief, Line Main­te­nance Division
ALE­JAN­DRA L. BELANGER, CPA - Chief, Util­ity Eco­nom­ics & Finance Plan­ning Division
ARTURO C. OREVILLO - Chief, Malalag Area Office
. MA. LIDA T. EVANGELISTA – Chief, Padada Area Office
. RAUL O. RAZONABLE – Chief, Malita Area Office
ROMULO D. CAMILLO - Chief, Mabama Area Office


Office of the Gen­eral Manager

God­ofredo N. Guya –Gen­eral Manager
Joy T. Dalen – Exec­u­tive Assistant
Sonia D. Baba - Super­vi­sor, Qual­ity Sys­tem Man­age­ment Office
Glo Marie A. Sillote –Qual­ity Sys­tem Man­age­ment Specialist
Rohaima Mabaya - Board Record­ing Secretary
Trix C. Capisos, CpE, CPEH - Chief, Infor­ma­tion & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy Division
Mark Anthony J. Hetrosa - Infor­ma­tion & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy Administrator
Edgar A. Fuentes III –Infor­ma­tion & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy Staff
Roy D. Dacera –Radio & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Technician
Sharon Joy D. Jugador, CpE Head, Geo­graphic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem - Auto­mated Mapping/​Facil­ity Man­age­ment Section
Gil P. Mapa Geo­graphic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem Inspector
Joelieus L. Cossid Geo­graphic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem Spa­tial Staff
Dar­ling­ton B. Granada –Geo­graphic Infor­ma­tion Sys­tem Staff


Insti­tu­tional Ser­vices Department

MA. Clarissa B. Rufino, MPA, LLB – Man­ager, Insti­tu­tion Ser­vice Department
Meliesa L. Robante –Chief Mem­bers Devel­op­ment Division
Gema B. Alvarado –Head, MS/​CPEC Section
Win­kee Q. Ayo –Mem­ber & Com­mu­nity Engage­ment Officer
Aisha C. Chiong –Con­sumer Wel­fare & Devel­op­ment Officer
Ello A. Nierras –Act­ing Chief, Con­sumer Ser­vice Division
Arnulfo A. Cor­dova Jr. –Infor­ma­tion Officer
Raul A. Ravina –Act­ing Line Foreman
Eduardo D. Esperanza –Act­ing Spe­cial Pro­jest Officer
Cre­sando T. Robledo –Line­man I
kris­tine Jan G. Juntilla –Con­nec­tion Staff
Alex Espe –Line­man I
Isabelo L. Ortega –Act­ing Line­man I
Anito Jr. C. Oberes –Con­sumer Ser­vice Staff
Rey­naldo G. Torate –Act­ing Sys­tem Recon­nec­tor Staff
Jeanette M. Sarno – Chief, Human Resource & Admin­is­tra­tive Division
Melba S. Comabig – Human Resource Man­age­ment & Devel­op­ment Section
Aurora J. Dolalas –Train­ing & Devel­op­ment Officer
Ahmid M. Caspe – Human Resource Man­age­ment & Devel­op­ment Officer
Car­lyn Q. Lantape –Pay­roll Officer
Alexan­der J. Garcia – Pro­cure­ment Officer
Joseph Dale B. Madria – Canvasser
Den­mark A. Bonjoc –Chief, Mate­r­ial Man­age­ment Ser­vices Division
Mario Oliverio – Mechanic
Maria Crissel Deluao –Act­ing Mate­r­ial Man­age­ment Officer
Melanio C. Mandin - Mate­r­ial Man­age­ment Aide
Ser­gio J. Dimas - Gen­eral Ser­vices Aide/​Staff


Finance Ser­vices Department

May­pearl Laarnie P. Mangkikis, CPA, MBA - Man­ager, Finance Ser­vices Department
Zenaida L. Bulala - Chief, Accountant
Britzie Mari T. Sola­to­rio, CPA – Bookkeeper
Reine­ria A. Lagurin – Work Order Officer
Honey Lyn F. Delos Reyes –Account­ing Analyst
Cristeta B. Tamboboy - Chief, Cashier
Rona­lyn G. Roque –Act­ing teller
Diane Kaye T. Aroa – Act­ing Teller
Bar­tolome T. Organiza - Teller
Joseph A. Florentino - Teller
Romeo N. Diamanté –Act­ing Teller
Rex Jasper A. Ares –Act­ing teller
Fletcher Louis F. Lantape –Act­ing Chief, Con­sumer Accounts Division
Con­cep­cion S. Angulo –Energy Sales Sec­tion Head
Ace V. Masculino –Meter Read­ing Specialist
Roland G. Mancao –Meter Read­ing Analyst
Hans Reichel G. Suelan - Meter Reader
Jef­frey M. Florida – Act­ing Meter Reader
Ariel P. Mapa - Act­ing Meter Reader
Rolando R. Albios – Act­ing meter Reader
Jecris H. Say-​a – Act­ing Meter Reader
Ruben M. Villamil – Act­ing Meter Reader
Jan­ice Claire O. Suelan – Billing Specialist
Juditho B. Soliva – Act­ing Billing Staff
Ranier R. Francisco – Billing Staff
Mary B. Castillon –Head, Con­sumer Accounts Section
Sotie D. Florentino –Con­sumer Accounts Specialist
Elmer R. Abellanida –Collector/​Disconnector
Vir­bel Clark S. Cuico –Act­ing Con­sumer Accounts Analyst
Neil C. Danton –Con­sumer Accounts Analyst
Jol­lie D. Ando Jr. –Act­ing Colletor/​Disconnector
Ale­jan­dro B. Dapar –Line­man I


Tech­ni­cal Ser­vices Department

Engr. Edsel P. Lurica - Man­ager, Tech­ni­cal Ser­vices Department
Mary Ann D. Pechardo –Chief, Engi­neer­ing & Con­struc­tion Division
Rod­ney M. Robles – Act­ing Design Specialist
Albert B. Jaitoni –Act­ing Line Stak­ing Head
Christo­pher C. Roa –Act­ing Line Inspector
Joel Carpentero –Act­ing Line Inspector
Julito G. Aroa Jr. –Line Inspector
Edward B. Burlasa –Act­ing Line Inspector
John Philip D. Cameros –Line Inspector
Aries S. Dela Cerna –Act­ing Line Inspector
Dar­ius D. Roldan –Chief, Sub­sta­tion & Con­trol Division
Ariel I. Zamora –Sub­sta­tion Head
Don D. Panogot –Sub­sta­tion Technician
Gal­bert C. Cues­tas Jr. –Account­ing Junior Con­trol Engineer
Jerry C. Dela Cruz –Chief, Oper­a­tion & Meter­ing Division
Jeanor L. Cadorna –Act­ing Meter­ing Head
Bobby N. Castillo – Meterman
Jeson Maribao –Act­ing Meterman
Arnel M. Cole Jr. –Meter man
Ariel A. Gementiza –Act­ing Line­man I
Bahrden­mark M. Pocung –Act­ing Line­man I
Christo­pher S. Lalic –Act­ing Line Inspector
Mor­ris A. Gador –Act­ing Line­man I
Wil­son C. Pacion –Lab­o­ra­tory Aide
Roy M. Codera –Chief, Line Main­te­nance Division
Sam­son C. Dolendo –Act­ing Head, Line Maintenance
Elias G. Retardo Jr. –Act­ing Line Foreman
Pedro E. Besas –Act­ing Line Foreman
Glenn Laranjo –Act­ing Line Foreman
Keen L. Yocada –Line Foreman
Jupan­elle S. Arellano –Heavy Equip­ment Operator
Albert M. Sabandal –Act­ing Heavy Equip­ment Operator
Ely Orbeta –Act­ing Line­man I
Glenn P. Indac –Act­ing line­man I
Alex R. Arobo –Act­ing line­man I
Anthony Philip F. Nacion –Act­ing Line­man I
Dar­win Gemoto –Act­ing Line­man I
Arnold R. Bangcal –Act­ing Line­man I
Geral­dine R. Embalsado –Act­ing Line­man I
Aaron Ace Bagaan –Heavy Equip­ment Operator
Romeo Bolambot –Act­ing Line­man I
Marcelo C. Arañas –Line­man I
Ike B. Florentino –Act­ing Line­man I
Alex G. Vistal –Act­ing Line­man I
Den­nis C. Torrejos –Act­ing Line Inspector
Noyel D. Gorgonio –Act­ing Line­man I
Edu­rad Patrick M. Calunsag –Veg­e­ta­tion Man­age­ment Specialist
Zachany S. Torreon ROW Coordinator
Edwin S. Acedilla ROW Coordinator


Cor­po­rate Plan­ning Department

Engr. Jerry D. Morastil - Man­ager, Cor­po­rate Plan­ning Department
Ale­jan­dra L. Belanger, CPA - Chief, Util­ity Eco­nom­ics & Finance Plan­ning Division
Engr. Jay Jogyn F. Bastian – Power Sys­tem Plan­ning Head
Engr. There­saa Blanca Luzano –Head, Power Sup­ply & Demand
Michel Dalumpines –Power Sup­ply & Demand Plan­ning Staff
Ardyl S. Candido – Act­ing Power Sup­ply & Demand Plan­ning Staff
Gen­zon R. Embalsado – Cor­po­rate Plan­ning Head
Kath­leen May R. Burlasa –Finance Plan­ning Head
Cleo Ann E. Salarda –Account­ing Analyst
Win­ston Churchill M. Abajero –Act­ing Reg­u­la­tory Com­plaince Specialist


Inter­nal Audit Ser­vices Department

Fran­cisco A. Rupenta III - Man­ager, Inter­nal Audit Ser­vices Department
Engr. Michael M. Oliverio - Tech­ni­cal Auditor
Princess Thessa A. Ros­alita, CPA – Financ Auditor
Rowena C. Toña­cao, CPA – Insti­tu­tional Auditor
James Ian N. Deocampo

–Tech­ni­cal Audit Staff

Belinda Jane D. Dugasan –Finan­cial Audit Staff
Daniel D. Asor Jr. –Act­ing Insti­tu­tional Audit Staff


Area Ser­vices Department

Fer­di­nand D. Canastra - Man­ager, Area Ser­vices Department

Malalag Area

Malalag Area Office

Arturo C. Orevillo – Chief, Malalag Area Office
Richard C. Empas – Line Foreman
Celjun B. Ferrer – Mem­ber & Com­mu­nity Engage­ment Officer
Rey­naldo T. De Castro –Teller
Ben­ito N. Bing­cal Jr. – Line­man I — Malalag Area Office
Edwin Niño P. Ful­gen­cio Jr. – Line­man I — Malalag Area Office
Eduardo G. Lanticse –Line­man I — Malalag Area office
Roel P. Romero –Act­ing Line­man I
Rey­naldo P. Cabigas –Act­ing Line­man I
Edgar S. Boyles –Act­ing Line­man I

Malita Area

Malita Area Office

Raul O. Razonable – Chief, Malita Area Office
Ricky P. Diacamos –Act­ing Line Foreman
Fieljun J. Antepuesto – Act­ing Mem­ber & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Engage­ment Officer
Joel L. Mancao –Act­ing Teller
Brindo C. Saquilabon - Line­man I — Malita Area Office
Rey­nante P. Cabigas –Line­man I — Malita Area Office
Fer­di­nand A. Malaque –Act­ing Line­man I
Jovito M. Bing­cal Jr. – Line­man I — Malita Area Office
Samuel A. Panes –Act­ing Line­man I

Mabama Area

MaBaMa Area Office

Romulo D. Camillo – Chief, MaBaMa Area Office
Alfredo C. Villa - Line Fore­man — MABAMA Area Office
Flordeliza S. Valenzona –Trainee — Mem­ber & Com­mu­nity Engage­ment Officer
Alma C. Manza –Teller — MABAMA Area Office
Teo­disia S. Egoc Jr. –Teller — MABAMA Area Office
Philip James L. Monsanto –Line­man I — MABAMA Area Office
Ruben V. Pamugas –Act­ing Line­man I
Allan S. Edo –Act­ing Line­man I
Rey­naldo M. Sanico –Act­ing Line­man I
Arnold V. Alvarez –Act­ing Line­man I
Rene S. Belotindos –Act­ing Line­man I
Roger C. Borja –Act­ing Line­man I
Den­nis A. Ybañez –Act­ing Line­man I

Padada Area

Padada Area Office

Maria Lida T. Evangelista – Chief, Padada Area Office
Rolando T. Alcaide – Line Foreman
Mar­ilou S. Datuin – Mem­ber & Com­mu­nity Engage­ment Officer
Arcelito P. Lapinid –Teller– Padada Area Office
Romelito L. Mancao – Line­man I — Padada Area Office
Roger F. Sanchez –Line­man I — Padada Area Office
Mar­vin V. Lactao –Line­man I — Padada Area Office
Elmer C. Diocampo –Act­ing Line­man I
Demitrio M. Bacuna –Act­ing Line­man I
Roel L. Cahimtong –Act­ing Line­man I
Joven B. Duyo –Act­ing Line­man I

Jas Area

Jose Abad San­tos Area Office

Anthony S. Suelan –Mem­ber & Com­mu­nity Engage­ment Offi­cer — JAS Area Office
Michael A. Denuna –Act­ing Line­man I
Arnel D. Anor –Act­ing Line­man I
Lennie L. Leong –Act­ing Line­man I
Glenn L. Garcia –Act­ing Line­man I
Edyl G. Araiz –Act­ing Line­man I

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